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12/07/2015, 04:34 PM
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Each week many thousands of dollars are spent on corals, and in many cases little thought to the lighting environment they will be put into, which often leads to lost colouration or worse a lost expensive colony.

Furthermore now LED lighting for aquariums have become mainstream we often hear conversations where hobbyists are struggling to balance the light or really not sure what intensity to use. The results can lead to a misconception that their light just is not up to what they hoped for and in some cases end up switching back to older methods of illumination.

But there is hope for all of us risking bleaching our new coral or struggling to optimize our LED set up.

Until recently a decent in water PAR meter would set you back above $1,000 but with the now thoroughly tested Seneye Reef that has been proven to be within tolerance of the out of reach price point PAR meters, the Seneye Reef now changes the game in favour of the hobbyist.

The Seneye Reef is of course far more than an underwater PAR meter, however keeping on topic lets focus on how this unit can help the Reefer obtain better results from their LED lamp and also benefit the MH and T5 user.

Built into the Reef model is a very comprehensive light meter, it measures and also logs continually, PAR LUX and Kelvin, if you add also the Seneye web portal called the SWS you then also get access to PUR measurement which I will touch upon shortly.

Below is an example of the light meters output displayed in the software





The Seneye Reef has various graphing and data logging abilities to help you get the most out of your LED light.

The PUR function is unique as it helps you place delicate corals in optimum light, highly important if you just spent $500 on a new specimen and do not really want to guess where to put it.

Here is a great write up on the difference between PAR and PUR

The Seneye also will monitor your tank 24/7 and report back by email if your tanks lights are not on etc.

To take it one step further, for those using MH and T5 how many times have you replaced bulbs not really knowing if they need to be? A lot of money maybe wasted by discarding too soon or lost corals from not replacing soon enough. The Seneye reef through its graphing can monitor the lights output to assist you in that judgement. Furthermore the Seneye can assist you to see if you have ineeded selected the right bulb choice for your tank.

So next time you look at your LED fixture and scratch your head curious if you really have got your settings correct or think about replacing your MH or T5 bulbs, think about the amount of money a Seneye Reef could save you in lost corals, without even touching on the many other features the Seneye reef can provide for you.

For pricing and further information please visit Aqua Caves website.