View Full Version : sps growth under mostly blue lights

12/12/2015, 06:08 PM
I like the tank mostly blue the whites overpower the blues even at low settings for my eyes anyway....i was thinking about running 80% blue 10% whites would this be ok for sps coral? I'm not so much a par searcher but rather pur so just wondering if anyone has experience with those kind of settings and still get good growth

12/14/2015, 09:22 AM
I will provide my opinion.... I actually just bought a reefbreeder to replace one of my EVO ts100s (one of them broke). My EVOs are very similar to the reefbreeders which is part of the reason I decided to try a reefbreeder out... On my EVOs though I have always run the blues high and white low... like at peak the blues at 50ish and whites around 10. I was advised before that blue light penetrates the water better/more and is what is used the most by the coral anyway. Now I cannot say that is a fact, its only something I have been told by a few people and store but it has worked on my tank and corals grow fine.

12/22/2015, 10:03 AM
actually hoping someone who knows for sure or Reefbreeders jumps into this to advise.... I set up my new photon 16 to replace one of my other units and can say my coral seem to be responding really well but the light is really white, specially compared to my other LED. I have it running right now with white channel very low and actually turn white completely off in the evening and run both sides blue only. Is there any issues with running the blue high and whites really low or off completely???