View Full Version : When do baby mushrooms grow?

12/14/2015, 12:55 AM
My I suppose Actinodiscus? Or Discosoma? What is the difference?
Had 3 babies... But... This was some time ago... And they have a mouth now, but they are still super small... When will they be like normal mushrooms...

He also had one under a rock... So it doesn't get much light, if I move the rock so that the baby has light... The big mushroom wont be getting light...
I tried to put the rock vertically... But... Well... It looked relly weird and none of the mushrooms open very good, instead it being flat the big one opens very nice... So I was wondering... Is there a way to move it? Sould I move it?
So this way I can put both facing the lamp light.
Thanks for reading.

02/27/2016, 04:28 PM
^ nothing?