View Full Version : Randall babies

12/17/2015, 09:56 AM
I have a breeding pair of Randall's gobies and I have successfully collected some larvae. They are so tiny (just like the bullet head fry) that I think the rotifers are too big for them and I haven't seen them hunting yet. I have been adding extra live green water in their tank just in case they are eating it,,,
I have them in a ten gallon with a s.g. Of .019 and temp of 80. No nitrates or ammonia.
Has anyone else had experience raising these guys?

12/17/2015, 07:55 PM
Sorry only had stonogobiops nematodes larvae for shrimp gobies and they would starve after the 4 th day unfortunately because the strand ( plicatilis) of rots that I had were too big.
You may want to try brachyonus rotundiformis if that isn't already what you have . If not maybe Copepods would work.

I have a question though... Is there any visible distinctive difference between your male and female ? Or like many other shrimp goby only a slightly bigger head or squarer jaw for the male ?