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12/17/2015, 10:57 PM
I noticed my 1.5 inch crocea clam wasn't doing so well last night two days after a water change. I had time to take some measurements of my water and it looks kind of bad water wise... is that the main reason my clam isn't doing well though? I'm starting to raise the Ca slowly.

Salinity: 1.026
MG: 1410
Alk: 10.5
Ca: 320

I have been trying to feed it phyco pure and reef chili every other day. the foot is barely still attached to the rock it's on. I didn't want to further stress it out by trying to pry it off to look underneath. i was pretty sure there were no predators though when i first put it in and brushed it with a toothbrush. it had been doing ok for 3 weeks under my care. i have the jbj LED professional (89 watt) lights and it's pretty high up on the rocks. thoughts?


12/18/2015, 01:23 PM
i don't think that's a T. crocea. the scutes look too well defined, looks more like a T. maxmia or T. squamosa to me.

i wouldn't bother feeding it. depending on the species Tridacna clams may or may not actively filter particulate from the water, but they will only be concerned with it after their light requirements are met. most nutrients they adsorb directly anyways in the form of po4/no4 from the water.

do you have any other clams in your system? your alk is within spec now, but how are you maintaining it? these guys can suck down an amazing amount of cal and alk, so if you're not constantly dosing with kalk/2 part/etc they can have swings.

without checking for pyramid snails it's hard to say if they are an issue.

is it getting too much flow?

next question i always ask is: what do you have in your tank, list everything that moves. it could be getting harassed by someone, and therefore staying mostly closed.

the shell growth edge looks good from what i can see, so that's a decent indicator of long term health.

12/18/2015, 04:45 PM
need more info

params -

go through the whole battery of tests

salinity etc