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12/19/2015, 04:45 AM
Hi :)

So as the title suggests, I was wondering if reef energy A&B is sufficient for feeding NPS Coral.

At the moment the only nps that I have is a few sun corals (which haven't opened at all) and a gorgonian which I can't seem to ID.

My tank is mildly overstocked and it is one of the "dirtier" type of systems. For eg my nitrates which are always around 20ppm. I do water changes a little more often to compensate for the slight overstocking.
My softies absolutely love the dirtier system. They did horribly at undetectable levels of phosphates and nitrates. I even had a horrible dino problem then. But as soon as I let it get a little dirtier everything seems to love it so it works for us.

So should I start dosing reef energy? I have a fear that adding additional food for the nps will just be too many nutrients in the tank. I don't even know if im making sense or asking the right questions :rollface:

If anyone could just give me some direction I would be forever greatful :thumbsup:

calk me Q
12/19/2015, 09:47 AM
Im not an expert in NPS but FWIW, it is nearly impossible for any home-sized aquarium to host enough food for NPS. What we need is to feed them heavily under the premise of acceptable water quality. The actual daily nutrient needs for NPS should be counted based on polyp numbers. And it seems that these guys are voracious eaters that will never be satiesfied with being fed enough food. So it is better they are "saturated in the food " (yes this is an analogy though) without any concern about feed too much.

I think the gorgonians and the sun coral (Tubastraea) need different things. Sun coral like zooplankton and seems can tolerate less frequent feedings (daily basis) but gorgonians obviously need periodically feeding of smaller food. I dont know what Energy A+B are but if they are liquid-based product it is impossible to keep your NPS happy i can assure. So start to feed your coral directly no matter how "dirty" your tank is. It is dirty but it is just not dirty in the right way..

12/19/2015, 07:59 PM
Sun corals must be coaxed to eat and they need meaty foods such as small mysis, brine shrimp, pellets, etc. target fed to them pretty much daily. They extend at night normally and have to be trained to open in the day by putting them under a 2 liter bottle with bottom cut off or placed in a bowl and taken out. You have to baste some food over them, wait for tentacles to come out, then feed each head. Otherwise they will starve. Got mine to open during the day in just a couple of weeks.

12/20/2015, 10:44 PM
Pickles, To be honest I'm not a fan of the reef energy for Nps. it didn't really do much for them other then potentially entice them to come out. The reef energy is about as effective for the gorgs in the same way as it's too liquid for both groups and really not any solid particles, or atleast not enough. I kind of just ocassionally throw it in the food "slurries" I make. BUT I will say it's a good booster to keep your Nutrients levels elevated like you are wanting and your softies will go nuts with it. it works like Fuel, but more concentrated. I am Running two different Nps themed Systems, One at the store I work at and my home tank with both containing various tubastreas, Dendros and Blanos along (with various other things). with a few exceptions, most of these corals like Newstead Stated need larger pieces of meaty foods. In the store tank when I first got the tubastreas in I Use Dr.G's Lps maxx to coax and feed them. the stuff works great as its congealed,sinks and can be placed in each mouth quite effectively with a pipette or baster. At Home I've messed alot with the Fauna Marin foods and used their Lps pellets. Both work great and I got similar results, within a week or so all the colonies were getting great PE from the foods. Both are quite easy to use and don't take up much time. it also works well to broadcast feed with some foods like cyclops to get them to open up before you target feed them. I personally broadcast feed for my various gorgs and filter feeders several times a day and My tubastreas open shortly after. it is then when I target feed them( in my case drop the FM pellets on them) I usually hit them directly once a day. Check those foods out! I also use Mysis, and Lrs reef frenzy to mix it up too for the suns for variation.