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12/21/2015, 11:32 PM
So I have noticed over about the last month that my Peacock has been roaming around the tank a lot at night. Conversely, he's rarely out in the day anymore. Unlike the first few months when he used to always be at the mouth of his burrow, he now sits in his pipe for most of the day. When I check on him after lights out, he's often out roaming around the edge of the tank.

A couple of things that may have influenced this, my nitrates have been between 20 and 40 and I'm still bringing them down. The had crept up to 60ppm or maybe even higher before I caught it.

I've also just switched to LEDs and noticed that he appears to be concerned about the "shimmer" effect. He often thinks about coming out then looks up towards the light and slowly backs down into his burrow. I'm hoping this is just an acclimation issue.

Has anyone else experienced any issues with LED lighting? Any other thoughts?

12/21/2015, 11:50 PM
I have always kept mine under LED lights (because I had so many tanks) I never noticed a shyness because of this I did however set the lighting level to only 5% (10% when filming/photography). all my tanks had ReefBreeder LED light fixtures. Handy that the remote regardless of fixture works for any fixture so I could adjust my many tanks individual lights simultaneously!

As to your peacock and its shyness I would perhaps say that it might still be adjusting to the new lighting, could also be a warning sign that it does not like the new light, have you done a PAR reading from old light to new light at the depths the peacock dwells?

EI Gringo
12/22/2015, 01:24 AM
I had a single blue led light strip that I put on at night until I went to sleep and a dual light strip of just white light during the day and my peacock would be fairly active during the day and very active at night. She kept smashing the **** out of everything in pitch black darkness and woke me up all the time so I started leaving the blue light on when I went to sleep, she seemed to calm down at night after this

12/22/2015, 04:09 PM
PAR is much higher now I'm sure but I don't have a PAR meter. My corals are positioned in the center of the tank to receive more light. If I had to guess, I probably have roughly 100 PAR at substrate level, maybe less.

Ok, so I've enabled the lunar light function on my LED so we'll see if that keeps him from roaming around too much.

12/23/2015, 12:53 PM
Mine roamed around at night a lot as well. Not just with lighting but in general, all my stomatopods bar N. wennerae (which closed up) roamed around when the lights were out, including the room light as I rarely used fixture light.