View Full Version : Ready to add animals ???

12/26/2015, 04:37 AM
Built a 20 gallon w new sand and new dry live rock/coral NO FISH
Have added MicroBacter7 by Brightwell to activate per instructions during a 5 week period
Have "ghost-feed" for 2 weeks
Test nbrs are consistent except Calcium and I raised it
Ammon - almost ZERO (am filtering and chg H2O now)
Nitrite - ZERO, Phosphate - almost ZERO
Nitrate - ZERO, Calcium - ~450, pH - 8.0+

Any reason other than getting Ammon to ZERO not to begin adding animals

Thanks Much - John

12/26/2015, 01:29 PM
I would wait for a week of zero ammonia before adding any animals. Ammonia kits are infamous for failing and measuring small amounts of ammonia everywhere, though, so if the process seems to be taking a long time, I'd get a second opinion.