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12/28/2015, 06:34 AM
Just joined reef central so I can get access to the GHL forum ,....

Firstly would like to say, I have had my v3 for some time , only recently updated the firmware ,... switched from the other brand. Must say GHL is a superior product the reliability is astounding,... Also like my touch screen ... ... I have been using my profilux , at bare minimum and it's time to unleash its full potential.

So I'm now updated and ready to role and have a couple rookie questions :
1) I have two gyre 150's... Is there a dummy guide to using the breakout box to control via GHL?
2) I have two 6d power bars via PAB , can I connect two standard power bars and use my open S ports ? Would like to control my lights , have 2x 8 bulb 48" ati fixtures with 4 x led orbit 48" strips and a kessil in the middle... Don't need to dim the units just need to switch on and off on sequence time lines. Will this override my current ports s1-12?
3) as the firmware is updated do I also need to update the PAB firmware ? And will this reset the calibration of the 4 probes?
4 ) have been using my apex as topoff , need to change ,... Have large plastic sump , just need to know what lvl sensor to get see there are 3 options .... There is also a topoff holder and mounting arm for the sensor, ... Recommendation would be helpful...

Thanks Charles

12/28/2015, 08:18 AM
Hi Charles,

Glad to hear your enjoying your Profilux. :D

1) You will need an LBF-AP box to run the Gyre off of the Profilux. Aside from that part, you will also need one Icecap interface per Gyre and the cable that they provide you with. One end of the cable goes into the Icecap interface and the other end gets cut and connected to the LBF-AP box.

You can find more information here:

2) The 6D-PAB powerbars can be connected alongside the original 6D with the S-cables. Once you've assigned the sockets to the standard powerbars, you can assign the 6D-PAB sockets from the "System" page.

3) We do recommend you also perform updates on your PAB devices after you've done the Profilux update.

The FW files for the powerbars can be found on our website's download page:

4) We offer different sensors for different purposes. In order for you to use the Profilux for ATO functions, you will need the following:

PL-LF-Base 2 (PL-1095)
Float Sensor (PL-0077) or Optical Sensor (PL-0082)
PL-LF-S8 (PL-0080)*For float or PL-LF-S8,Angled (PL-0723) *For optical

These parts can be purchased from dealers such as Aqua Digital, Aquarium Specialty, Premium Aquatics.

12/28/2015, 08:14 PM
Can I still get one of the old type with controls on top

12/29/2015, 12:00 PM

Sent you a PM.