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12/30/2015, 08:00 AM
The week of Christmas, my wife and I decided we wanted to get a few more fish for our 450G. We decided on a Blue Spot (Dot) Jawfish, a female McCosker’s wrasse (we have a male), and two of the Sunburst Anthias. When looking for these online, we found that all were in stock with Blue Zoo (we normally order with LA). At the same time, we felt we should wait with all the insanity going on with Christmas shipping. Here in the Blue Zoo sponsor forum we also found a Christmas Discount Coupon good until Christmas night. Throughout the week, to include Christmas Day, all remained in stock, so Christmas evening we placed our order. One catch, the coupon only applied to items not already on sale. In our case, that was only the female McCosker’s. So we only saved 25% on one fish.

The order shipped this Monday and I met it yesterday (Tuesday) at the FedEx location when it arrived in our town. The box was in good condition and I promptly got it home to begin acclimation. Upon opening the box I found it packed exquisitely! It also included an anti-stress treatment from SeaChem and some of Blue Zoo’s dried food, nice! However, there was one fish missing, the McCosker’s. Regardless, acclimation began promptly after some lighting adjustment for our new critters. We use an Acclimate to automate the acclimation process. While the anthias were acclimating, I got online to see what may have happened. Sadly, I found this note in my online invoice, “Sorry, the last few McCosker females did not make it”. I do not know what that means? They were literally in stock the entire week to include the evening we placed the order. Secondly, it was the only fish that I could apply the discount coupon code too. Lastly, if they get anymore female McCosker in stock, it’s not worth ordering solely for one fish. With this order I met the free shipping minimum which now is impossible unless I buy more fish.

Although I’m very happy with what we did receive (so far, it’s been less than 24 hours), I’m unsure about future orders with BZ. Not being given the opportunity to decide if we still wanted the order when a part of it was missing would have been nice. We could have possibly delayed the shipment for new McCosker arrivals, who knows? Believe it or not, the McCosker’s was the one fish I wanted more than the others due to seeing how it would interact with our male. Oh well, live and learn.

12/30/2015, 08:28 AM
Yeah, communication ahead of time would have been appropriate. But I can see how difficult that might be during a holiday rush.
I got an order delivered from them to Detroit and I was very happy with it. As you said, it was packaged beautifully, with the heat packs, extra food and acclimation tips and supplies. I will definitely order from them again.

12/30/2015, 08:44 AM
But I can see how difficult that might be during a holiday rush.

This is exactly why we put off ordering until after the Christmas rush. The news was reporting that between 24-25 Dec, FedEx, UPS, and the USPS would be delivering over 2 Billion packages in the US. Crazy! Also due to this, I was closely watching the stock indicator on their website for the female McCosker's, which continued to reflect "In-Stock". Chock it up to experience.

12/30/2015, 11:16 AM
Thanks for the update and the kind words. Just to clarify, when we say an animal "didn't make it" that is our polite way of saying that it died in our system. We had lots and lots and lots of people like yourself who ordered and then chose a delivery date in the future to avoid shipping during the Christmas week so our systems were very full through the weekend and unfortunately we lost a few of the sensitive fish like the McCosker females. It is not an item that has a scheduled import date as they tend to show up randomly. We will try our best to help you out though if they do come in again since you are a neighboring state.

Take care and have a wonderful New Year!!

12/30/2015, 02:34 PM
Thank you very much, my wife and I would appreciate it.