View Full Version : Need "Leather Coral" Identified

01/01/2016, 01:10 PM
Ok guys, I live in Colorado Springs and I just got back into the Hobby this July with the start of my 5.5 gallon fluval spec v reef. Now I've got the fluval, a 45 gallon (no sump yet) reef with a HOF, SunSun WaveMakers, and a 120 Watt Dimmable LED light hung over, and a 10 gallon nano reef.

I attached pictures of my light set up for the now 1.5 month old 45 gallon reef, and also of the "Leather coral" that I need to get identified.

I also included pictures of my Fluval Spec V Nano/Pico reef which I set up on July 20th and began adding livestock August 26th. The corals are really starting to multiply in such a short time, it is really exciting. I am hoping to "seed" my 45 and 10 gallon reef with a lot of the corals that are growing in my 5.5 gallon.

Anyways this is all off topic, I am just excited with this hobby.

Can someone identify this "leather coral" I've got in my 45 gallon reef?

01/01/2016, 05:22 PM
Sinularia brassica.


01/02/2016, 10:21 AM
cabbage coral