View Full Version : In a word, 'wow'!

01/02/2016, 05:43 PM
What more can I say other than "wow!"

Richard can add one more very happy customer to his list.

Got Part 1 of a 20g Package for my 24g rimless on the 20th. The base rock was gorgeous - great shapes and sizes, porcelain crab, red mithrax, and sponges and barnacles galore (and ~6 whelks), along with a white pincushion urchin and 4 cerith snails in the sand.

After ~8 days of cycling (if you can call it that seeing how smooth and effortless it went - ammonia never topped more than 0.4), it was time for Part 2...

The rock in this batch covered with even more life - not to mention all the cool goodies Richard threw in in addition to the standard Package CUC.

The moment I saw TBS rock here on ReefCenteral last spring, I KNEW it was the way I wanted to go when the day came that I could set up my first tank - and now that I was finally able to set up a tank and try TBS rock, I couldn't be more happy with it.

If I ever setup any other tanks I'll definitely be using Richard's rock in them.


Bogue Chitto
01/02/2016, 07:28 PM
Yep, Richard seems to care about what he ships to customers. My order was real nice too when I got it.