View Full Version : First Time getting into Anenome's and Corals

01/12/2016, 06:39 AM
I have an established new 75 gallon reef tank that has a over 90 lbs of live rock. It has gone fully through the cycle and I am looking at getting a red bubble tip anenome and 2 oc. clown fish to start things off. I have a Gyre XF-150 which is at about 20-30% flow, able to provide a lot more, but not needed for this tank.

I am looking for opinions, are bubble tips easy to keep for a beginner?

Also what other corals would you recommend for a beginner which are hardy and less trouble than some others. I want to get started on the right foot and not waste money, as beginners make mistakes sometimes and I don't want to flush good $ down the drain.

Opinions are welcome, but please keep on topic.

01/12/2016, 04:43 PM
I would recommend some hardy corals before the BTA. Just to see how the hardy corals do before you stick an anemone which can be difficult at times to keep. Some corals I suggest for beginners are:

Leathers such as toadstools, colt corals, nepthea, cinularia, cabbage leather
Green star polyps
Discosoma mushrooms
Branching Euphyllia (frogspawn, hammer, torch corals) they are lps but pretty easy to keep
Daisy polyps
Trumpet Coral

01/24/2016, 01:24 AM
My first coral was kenya tree (a leather coral). Incredibly easy-going coral which split itself and has since overtaken the tank. I'm sure you could find free or very cheap kenya coral in your area.

01/25/2016, 05:17 PM
Definitely wait a few months on the anemone...let your water mature. Reeferz412 list some good starters. I'd try some less expensive zoanthids also

01/25/2016, 06:52 PM
Anemones need a stable tank which takes some time to fine tune, so chances are pretty good that it won't survive if it's the first thing you get. I'd recommend trying some easier corals first, then only after everything is doing very well consider getting an anemone. I know patience is hard at the beginning, but a dead anemone can nuke your tank so take your time.