View Full Version : Starting a new tank - MADE EASY WITH TBS!!!

01/13/2016, 01:48 PM
I can't tell you how awesome Rick and the team at Tampa Bay Saltwater have been! I just decided to get back into the hobby after about a 15 year layoff. I had lots of apprehension as my first go around was expensive, filled with fish and invert casualties, and just not as enjoyable as I was expecting.

Rick and his team have been absolutely AMAZING at helping ease my concerns and make me feel like i am not doing this alone. Their start up instructions that came with "The Package" that I purchased couldn't be easier! The communication and responsiveness have been unparalleled! And the live sand and rock were delivered exactly as requested, when requested and my tank is up and running!

I couldn't make a higher recommendation of their team, and this comes from a pretty picky consumer with very high demands and expectations!

Can't wait for my next shipment from TBS!!!!