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01/14/2016, 05:51 PM
My new aquarium set up is finally running. I understand it needs to go through its cycle and until I go to LFS for water testing I don't know where my cycle stands. I did recycle the water, and combination of live rock and dry rock from my old tank that wasn't fully cycled. I divided a small area in the sump to set up a small refugium. I have live rock rubble and some sand. Is this going to be beneficial? Or should I eliminate it? My other questions are...What should I expect during my cycle period? What measurements should I take to make sure things start off in the right direction? I also kept 2 damsels that I was given for cycling my old tank, they are now in the new one. If they make it, I plan to keep them. I won't flush them [emoji51]. I'm sort of nervous as because I really want this hobby to work out for the family. We've put some money into it already and now I'd like to add some quality inexpensive lights. Thanks to all in advance.[emoji57]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160115/1243d4b968ba42958894515649dd4421.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160115/fcbe7fd2fbd1c807d4f425a87a2b07d1.jpg

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Nice set up!

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The live rock and sand will definitely help cycle the tank. I prefer not to have sand in my refugium. Not that it is bad, but detritus seems to accumulate in the refugium and it is easier to vacuum it out with a bare bottom. Mostly you just have to be patient with cycling. Keep an eye on the ammonia levels. Usually they will spike a time or two, then level out. Once you get a light you can expect a variety of different algae's to pop up while it cycles. The algae outbreaks can be ugly and frustrating in a new tank, but they will eventually subside as well as the tank matures. I would definitely get an RODI unit if you don't have one. It removes the excess nutrients from your supply water that fuels algae growth.