View Full Version : Tds creep

01/15/2016, 04:47 PM
Do you have an item that would have a float switch at the bottom of the barrel and when that float switch is triggered it fills the barrel up? Also i would like it so that it would somehow first run a line comming off the membrane to the drain for about 2-3 min to drop the tds before going into the di stage?

Hope that made some kind of sence lol.

Buckeye Hydro
01/15/2016, 05:02 PM
For your first item - yes - see out Hi-Lo Controller here: http://www.buckeyehydro.com/hi-lo-tank-level-controller/

The second item is tough to do at a cost range that fits residential scale RODI units. Not too hard on commercial, more expensive RO's.
I know people have done this using an Apex controller.


01/15/2016, 05:59 PM
Thanks for the quick response. Ill have to look into tge second part more as im not sure if i wanna do it automatic yet without flushing the tds creep first, my tds starts at over 200 when it starts up and will kill the di fast. But will deff keep that hi/low controller in mind, it is excatly what im looking for