View Full Version : Whelk on Max shell: eating Vermetid or clam?

01/18/2016, 12:22 PM
So I found this guy on my Maxima's shell today:

http://i1317.photobucket.com/albums/t638/jonwright3803/4F7DE154-609B-42EB-A83B-05EB23EBC552_zpskpjauk6e.jpg (http://s1317.photobucket.com/user/jonwright3803/media/4F7DE154-609B-42EB-A83B-05EB23EBC552_zpskpjauk6e.jpg.html)

The clam is a recent transfer from another tank of mine. Is like more than likely eating the Vermetid snails on the shell or is he more likely one of the whelks that burrow through the clam shell?

I pulled the whelk out anyway and I know I have more - since I see him I'm sure I have many more I haven't seen in the rocks.