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01/19/2016, 06:47 PM
Hi I am starting up a DIY frag tank and to avoid any futur sorry I will do it large at fist time.
I am looking for 48X48X12, or 2 tank of 48X24X12 (it the same square footage) the look will not be the same ! but moving/selling the take in future can be easier.
(I will strart fraging with beginer/intermediate but in 1-2 year will probably be close to advanced I hope!)
interested in: Soft, SPS, LPS

More detail: sump will be under with all necessary equipment, tank will be bare bottom with few cleaner fish and snail and lot and lot of frag, I tihing I am now addicted to frag after buying my first 3 mount ago.
I the pas I was breading chiclide, and last year I came back in the hobby by buying a cube 18X18X18 Bare bottom with live rock and some fish

1- any advice on this water height 12in ?
2- any other idea?
3- Should I drill right in center for the return to the sump? or that to be avoided
4- egg crate seam the way to go, anyone againt?

other question will arise as the project will be executed :deadhorse1:
I will post picture as it goes.

thank you

01/19/2016, 08:49 PM
What exactly are you trying to get to know? How big is your current tank. Are you sure you have enough experience, and that you won't be killing all of your investments?

1) Depends on what you are trying to grow, and how big. Just saying soft, sps, and lps well that covers about everything.
2) Do a ton of research, plan out everything and then re-think your plan. You are going to need lights pumps, timers, controller. When you go big like that its more of a full time job. . A good amount of wood working ability, or know a welder to build a custom stand. Going bigger isn't always better. I have seen 30 gallon cubes that look better then 4'4 frag tanks..
3) Drilling tanks depends on how you want to pump and return your water. There are too many ways.
4) Egg crate is pretty popular. I would avoid using white as it seems to be prone to algea.

01/21/2016, 03:14 PM
Thank you for you reply, yes the planning is a big part of the project. I started week's ago, and still doing my home work. Maybe I was not so clear, the plan is to grow corail of my level and adding some more frag and care level as thing evolve, it may take more than 2-3 year to fill the space at 50% . I already started in my cube 30gal last 1 year.
I am currently in the planning phase, space in the basement is defined (stand will be directly on concret slab). Size is now defind 48X48X12. This way I will never say it SHOULD HAVED built lager. I am lucky because my friend will cut and gave me the glass.
the plant are Bare bottom (black vinyl) black eggcrate + LV in sump
It may have few Fish (3)

at this stage my main question with my plan are:
can I built without the euro braising on the perimeter ? according to http://www.bayoureefkeeping.com/pages/DIYGlassAquarium/ my safety factor is in the 10x range
I am also concerned about drilling hole right in center of the bottom panel, I will put a glass doubler (8X8) to reinforce this area and also help glue the surface skimmer box (8X8). The hole will them be drill trough 2 thickness of glass.
Frame will be in wood 2X6 as main perimeter side glass support, and leg 2X4 an 2X6 doubled. Should I support the tank by the side glass our the bottom with a plywood and foam ?? keeping in mind that the bottom it drilled in center!