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01/31/2016, 06:33 AM

i have a 200 gpd uhe system, going on three years, i have not changed the prefilters , the sedimont filter has some white showing and the carbon is barley even dirty, hence the reason i have not changed them, should i ?, unit is not exposed to light, it is in my basement, also i have a water softner , and a whole house sedimont filter before the rodi, i get 141 in , 0,0,0, on the rest
i make about 300 gal a month give or take.


02/01/2016, 01:19 AM
I would get a chlorine test kit to test the carbon. Take a waste water sample with this kit. http://spectrapure.com/TEST-KITS-METERS/CHEMICAL-TEST-KITS/Total-Chlorine-Test-Kit-w-10-tablets

Also take the sediment out and spray it of considering it is a washable filter.


02/01/2016, 11:46 AM
thanks for the reply
my town does not use chlorine ,in there water system. asked them a few times.
the system is working great.

02/01/2016, 12:19 PM
Yeah it looks like it. What is the PH and KH of the well water?


02/01/2016, 03:36 PM
do not have well water, it is city, but the town has its own wells, never tested it, but i will when i get home from work and post the results