View Full Version : New frag tank setup.

02/02/2016, 04:30 AM
I got a few questions regarding a new frag tank I'd like to start. First, I don't want to make my own since I don't trust myself when it comes to putting 30 or so gallons in a box and trusting it not to come apart and it's all done. So I'm looking to buy one and I was looking at advanced acrylics. Do they make a good tank that won't break? Are there others that make better? As for other atuff, I want to go sumpless and just run a hob filter with a hob skimmer and barebottom. Do I need the hob filter if I'm running a skimmer? I plan to have a small WaveMaker in there and a fairly good led light. Am Iissuing anything or is there another way i should set this up?

02/07/2016, 10:36 AM
Im not sure where you're located but here in cali, petco sometimes puts the 1$ per gallon sale. You can score a nice 40g for 40$ for a frag tank. And about the HOB skimmer and filter, if you end up going with that, expect frequent water changes. I have a 20g long frag tank with a in tank skimmer and i do a water changes every 6 days cause i begin to see all the detritus on the bottom glass. Im 99.9% sure people have many other methods but this works for me. Good luck on your setup :)