View Full Version : Desert Frag Fest, April 9th, Scottsdale AZ

02/03/2016, 09:59 AM

Arizona FRAG is proud to announce the second annual Desert Frag Fest (DFF) on Saturday, April 9th, from 10AM-4PM.

The event will be held in The Hall at Prankster’s Too in Scottsdale AZ (7919 E Thomas Rd Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85251).

Our featured speaker is Dr. Sanjay Joshi!

Admission is $5, but free for current AZ FRAG members.

Raffles at noon and 3!

For the latest info:
DFF on Facebook

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04/05/2016, 12:55 PM
Is anyone curious who's coming?

Legendary Corals
Reef Raft USA
VW Reefs
Saltwater Junkies
LE Corals
BSA Corals
Club Reef

And we've got some great raffles lined up; we'll give a list for those tomorrow!

04/06/2016, 01:52 PM
Most of this weekend's raffle prizes! Many of these items will have multiple draws:

Bucket of Reef Crystals
Frag Plugs
16oz Bottles of Carbon
Sheets of Nori
Rods Food Multi Packs
LRS Food (Herb Frenzy & Reef Frenzy)
LRS shirts
Rosesmont Mover Pump
Ushio MH Bulbs (of winners choice)
And the Grand Prize: Titan Aquatics Frag Tank 36" x 24" x 12"

Plus more at the show! Don't miss it!