View Full Version : Filtration.. Please help!!

02/03/2016, 03:06 PM
What type of filter do I need for a seahorse aquarium? And along with a filter do I need a powerhead?

Are both needed? Does that account for water flow?

Also what is an air pump? Do I need that?

02/03/2016, 10:10 PM
Other than a biological filter which is a must, other filtration is a matter of choice. Just be sure to pick one that is easy to clean frequently as IMO, that is a must.
You are looking for an overall tank turnover of at least 10X the volume of the tank, but better to be 15X or higher but have hitching available in all areas so they can choose where to be at any given time. Just don't have any water flow that can blast the seahorses against something that can damage them.
Ideally you want a combination of water flow sources to keep all the food/detritus in motion long enough for filters and filter socks to trap it. Then you clean the filtration frequently before the crap decays enough to start causing bacterial problems for the seahorses. Depending on which tank I usually do this every two to three days myself.
I skimmer rated for at least 2X the tank volume is a real asset.
An air pump (compressor) is not necessary but I use them with open ended lines to augment the surface turmoil for the necessary gas exchange.
Many others just use a power head pointed towards the surface to agitate that surface to promote the gas exchange.