View Full Version : Meet-N-Greet with Marc Levenson

02/10/2016, 01:55 PM
Whats an event without a pre-event right?


Come on down and join us in welcoming Marc to the PNW! Prior to the swap Saturday, take the time to hang out with us (the Bob Moore people) and Marc, swap lies, and talk reef stuff. Nothing formal, just fun, friends, and brews. $5 if you don't want a few drinks, $20 includes two drink tickets.

The brewery has some great craft brews, and a food truck on Friday nights - so snacks and libations galore!

You can pay when you get there (cash), or tickets can be bought online for those that want to pay with credit card here : https://squareup.com/market/bobmooreswap/meet-n-greet

Be sure to take a moment to join the facebook event to see all the latest updates