View Full Version : Marineland 250 starphire on original stand, lifetime warranty?

02/11/2016, 08:30 PM
Hi just so I can understand how marineland's lifetime warranty works. If someone I know purchased a 250 gallon marineland starphire tank and a marineland 250 gallon stand to go with it two years ago, and the tank still has all original plastic wraps, stickers, and tape (has never been filled or used) with the original receipt and I buy it from this person, does the lifetime warranty transfer to me.

I know these might be stupid questions, but: Also, is there any harm to a tank or its seams that has sat in a garage for two years empty, but has never been used? Can the silicone go bad even without the tank ever being used/ ever coming in contact with water? (It looks in immaculate condition).

Thank you

02/22/2016, 04:30 PM
I went through pretty much the same thing several years ago.

Called Marineland and they said it would transfer.

I bought a tank that had never been used (stickers and plastic wrap still intact), had the receipt and took pictures with date stamp of the entire build to prove when it was set up.

Four months later tank cracked and they did not honor warranty since I was not original buyer.

When I pressed the issue with Marineland I was told I was :deadhorse1:!