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02/15/2016, 01:31 PM
I'm currently setting up my Renew system & have a question about operating it in conjunction with a conventional gravity feed/float value ATO system already functioning on my tank ....

1. When a water change starts I assume the first thing which happens is the pump turns on which fills the replenishment reservoir? Then the 2nd thing which happens is the sump pump comes on to remove waste water & put it in the waste water reservoir & then finally the valve opens which allows fresh seawater back into the sump from the replacement reservoir?

Without a Storm module, as soon as the pump starts to remove water from the sump my gravity feed ATO will kick in, adding back fresh RODI. Since my pumps are set to remove 1 gal/min per the instructions, fresh RODI will dump into my sump for at least 1 min before the new seawater can be replaced. Won't this mess with my salinity over time since I'm removing 1 gal every 12 hrs?

02/15/2016, 03:33 PM
Good afternoon MarlinHooker,

You are correct. When the RENEW™ removes a gallon of water from the sump, your gravity fed ATO system will begin to add fresh water to your sump. It will continue to add water until the water level is back at the normal running level. This means that a maximum of 1 gallon of fresh water will be added, depending on how quickly the water can flow from your ATO supply. The RENEW™ will always add exactly one gallon back into the sump - so it is possible that your sump will be running a gallon high after the one gallon exchange cycle, and that your salinity will be diluted by that extra gallon of fresh water.

Keep in mind that the RENEW™ will remove water at a rate of approximately one gallon per minute, and then will take about 15 seconds or so to meter out exactly one gallon, then finally it takes approximately a minute to dispense the new water into the sump. The entire cycle can therefore take two to three minutes or so - and during this time your ATO may continue to add water to your sump until it is at its normal running level.

The STORM™ top off system communicates with the RENEW™ to prevent this. The STORM™ knows when the RENEW™ is in an active exchange cycle and will suspend its own operation until that cycle is over - then it will resume normal top off operation between each exchange cycle.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


02/15/2016, 04:30 PM
Hmmmm ... So what do people do who don't have a Storm ATO system?

02/15/2016, 09:40 PM
Do you have a Neptune Apex? If so it shouldn't be too difficult to use some switches that would shut the ATO to OFF when the Renew is ON.

Having said that, I have a Neptune Apex but also have a Storm for my ATO, it is the most accurate system and is hassle free which is the main reason why I purchased the Renew!

02/16/2016, 05:54 AM
I understand that but my ATO is gravity fed with no electrical parts. just the float valve .... it sounds like unless I can shut off the ATO somehow it won't work ... if I'm going to have to install some electrical stuff to make it work I might as well setup the Storm system since it's designed to work with the Renew ...

I assume you setup the float switches for the Storm in the return section of your sump? That is where I currently have the manual float valve for my ATO now ...

02/16/2016, 09:58 AM
Sorry to thread jack but where do you send your waste water if you don't have a drain near your tank?

02/18/2016, 10:54 AM
Hi MarlinHooker,

I've been thinking about this, and I've come up with a really simple solution. You can still use the STORM™ for your top off with your gravity fed system. I do understand this adds electronics into the mix and you're hesitant to do so, but it does resolve your issue with topping off when the RENEW™ removes water from the sump - plus it makes your tried and true "fool-proof" ATO setup even MORE foolproof!

Simply install the STORM™ as you normally would, but instead of using a pump that turns on to transfer water from a top off bin to your sump, plug a ROCv™ into the STORM™ Top Off Pump power receptacle and place the ROCv™ inline between your top off bin and your sump. As a bonus, keep your existing float valve as yet another failsafe to further prevent accidents.

The ROCv™ included with your STORM™ Pro will not allow water to flow through it unless it is energized. When it is energized (as in, when the STORM™ would normally turn a pump on), it will allow water to flow through. And since you're keeping your existing float valve in the sump, even if the STORM™ turned on when water wasn't needed (it wouldn't, but hypothetically), the float valve would prevent any extra water from flowing into your sump. Now you have numerous layers of redundancy more than your current setup, and your aquarium system and floor are really, really protected against a mishap!

There is no problem at all plugging a ROCv™ into your top off pump power receptacle; the STORM™ treats it just like it would a pump. And if you have a ROCv™ plugged into your Auxiliary power receptacle as well, the STORM™ will automatically control the production of water through your RO filter and refill your top off bin whenever it gets low. I don't know how you currently refill your top off bin, but if you're relying solely on a mechanical float valve, the STORM™ / ROCv™ combination will drastically reduce TDS creep in your top off bin and will therefore improve your overall water quality too.

I'm really liking this solution! Hopefully you do too! Please let me know if you have any questions.


02/18/2016, 11:02 AM

If you don't have a drain near your tank, you can do a couple things. First, if there's a sink nearby, tap into the drain pipe between the sink and the trap right below it and drain into that. If you don't have a sink nearby, you can always drain into a mobile waste receptacle (for instance, a Brute container with the optional dolly). Just wheel it over to a convenient drain, sink, etc. and dump it or put a small transfer pump in and pump the water out.

There are quite a few customers I've spoken to who use the Brute containers because they don't have ready access to a drain, and they are very happy with that solution.

Have a great day,