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02/17/2016, 05:31 PM
We are culturing moina salina, parvocalanus copepods, isochrysis and tetraselmis phytoplankton, Berghia nudibranchs, Banggai cardinals, red sea and regular xenia, yellow polyps, many different palythoas and zoanthids and several different leathers. On the back burner we have harlequin shrimp and Reidi seahorses. We are waiting on the last 2 to become sexually mature.

We receive several shipments weekly of fish and corals. Our current stock level is excellent. We stock most every size and tank made in standard and reef ready versions.

This winter we are finishing up our new coral section and preparing to replace the racking on the old coral section. We also plan on getting the 675 back up and running.

02/28/2016, 04:45 PM
See ya this week. Coming in from Oil City, Pa.

05/16/2016, 05:14 PM
What's Up at Aquatic Technology?
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Still culturing all of the above.

Our new pair of harlequin shrimp started producing offspring
We set up a taller tank just for seahorses
One pair of our seahorses mated for the first time about a week ago
Hopefully we will have some juveniles in a few weeks

We have designed a new larval culture system and it seems very promising.
We have one up and 2 more in the works
Hopefully we will finally get a batch of harlequin larva to maturity

Our new coral system is up and running
Our old coral system should be dismantled and a new one setup in its place in the next few months
We will be adding nano and TW to our phytoplankton line and a larger copepod pseudodiaptomus pelagicus to our copepod line