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02/22/2016, 05:41 PM

I received this clam for Christmas. I did/do not know much about clams yet and thought everything was ok but I just saw something that said when picking a clam the mouth should be a slit and not wide open. My clam's mouth looks wide open and I'm wondering what that suggests? Also, since I was not there when it was picked and don't know much about clams yet, I don't know what kind this is and where it would rather be placed, sand or rock. Please help.


02/23/2016, 07:48 AM
it looks like a T. derasa to me. the mouth appears to be gaping, but it's hard to tell.

first concern with these guys is always lighting. even T. derasa can be relatively demanding in terms of light. so a little information about your tank configuration would be helpful.

next up these guys are very demanding of calcium/alkalinity/magnesium. so if you're not already, you will likely need to supplement to keep these values stable.

02/23/2016, 08:23 AM
Thanks, I have some LED's and I have the clam on the bright spot. I am starting to supplement the calcium. The LFS tested my water and said my calcium was a little low (between 380 and 400) and alkalinity was a little low but that water changes should fix that. The mouth does appear to be gaping but I'm not sure what that means.

02/23/2016, 08:47 AM
that's usually indicative of stress.

it's hard to tell from the photo though. it appears the mantel extension is good. how are its reactions to being shaded and what does the shell growth edge look like?

also, what kind of LED?

02/23/2016, 08:54 AM
If I try and shade near the lights it doesn't really do anything. If I put my hand in the water and get close, it does close up. I'm not sure how to answer the shell edge growth question because I don't really have anything to compare to. Unfortunately I just stumbled across something that said a gaping mouth is not good or I wouldn't have even thought anything about it. My LED's are dSuny lights. I just upgraded tank in the last month from a 55g to 100g and changed from T-5's to the LED's. I got the clam on Christmas (eve) and so it has changed tanks twice in the last two months with lighting change so now doubt there is some stress. Is there anything I can do? I noticed a thread, and I think it was you who may have said, once a clam gapes they hardly survive.

02/23/2016, 09:39 AM
it depends on the gape. if the mouth is just a little bit open like yours appears to be, that's stress, but not necessarily a death sentence. the type of gaping that pretty much ensures that the clam is on its way out is when the mantel is retracted in to the shell, but the clam is wide open.

here is my derasa a few months ago. i took this early in the morning before the tank lights were on, easier to see it then:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8q0i3I9fj0mYaVjj-q2qX4J5R5lapaIW1HmS670ls0zYf4_MYnUwNg7SlqFjeT1cPPS9xd6eduLN1wKB4QQXWsNZIwRfuMK9B3QXoYzRQcNVi_ym4POBl MTIfPlkgWkUXf3PMCCNPn_tTFjXxMVyrsevksKbkxQjaBTUdHoztc2d_u5mA6YFMoSud4VqmPy_h0j7yE3Z631zCISsPNY3S4CVB jZeAMyox4gr3nz5ZoyM3qPL_HtXbyDu4f3ezisTWpzIRRTSwAuxHj86cytH-dR3csAI8Cuzihx0mbDxQFaA9x8Iv_l3oDmUuJRoV3MNe_O9qS0u7p6ntTVIT5KIJ5pKRM9eCMYCsHLyzUCdbsHcziwv7optuqpkX UCwk39jnlVaIhm_KxcWyvqvLHAqC73BA6P4QxT6daqxABP90zsqiqMt-a6i-hsq1jeMxmDPFSskbjyN1L78HGfZLPqyRdyP4C7j1B_81TmBlXzclxnBL4TBc7MQ8V7A1yDRi45oj1o-M5VbPlWSIkfW6dEaJ-5vgTmwzsiS055L2llUEQrSeqqwFKiwCNbkbHEg_yQ=w737-h755-no

truthfully yours doesn't look that bad. it sounds like it is reacting to being stimulated, which is good.

how long has it looked like this? anyone picking on it?

02/23/2016, 09:42 AM
That makes me feel better. Hopefully with the supplements, water changes and a more stable environment, things will get better for it. I have not seen anything picking on it. I appreciate your time with this.

02/23/2016, 10:22 AM
yeah not a problem, hopefully that helps a bit.

given their basic conditions being met, these guys are usually pretty hardy. if there is something wrong though, it can be tough to notice it, and even harder to take any kind of corrective action.

i know when i started keeping clams every time the thing was sitting crooked i was starting to worry. it turns out alright though.


02/23/2016, 10:23 AM
Good to know. They are pretty creatures and have enjoyed having it my tank so I hope it does well.