View Full Version : Using a UV with clams?

02/24/2016, 07:06 AM
I've had clams for several years but just recently added an aqua medic UV sterilizer to my system and within 24 hrs the water was absolutely crystal clear which is what a UV is supposed to do. Now to my question, since clams filter the water for some of their nourishment and a UV removes all that suspended phyto, etc in the water column is that going to compromise the health of my clams? I have more than enough light with running both MH's and Kessils so that's not a concern. Anyone else using a big UV (55watt) with clams and having success?

02/24/2016, 09:21 AM
i'll start with a disclaimer that i don't know for sure, but my thoughts are as follows:

different species of Tridacna have different feeding strategies. most of the carbon comes from their symbiodinium. most of their nitrogen and phosphorus is directly adsorbed from the water.




since none of the species of giant clam filter feed as a primary source of nutrition, i would suspect that if you have at least a moderate fish load and normal feeding regimen that you will be just fine.

02/25/2016, 05:36 AM
I agree with MondoBongo.

The following is not what you asked, but only my advice on your tank. If you need to have UV to keep your tank water clear, then there is some problem with your tank. You have high enough nutrient to have a bacterial bloom, and should look into this. You may need better skimmer. Add nutrient, mainly carbon into your tank and increase effective skimming is one way to drive down your nutrients have been effectively use in reeftank. Adding alcohol, sugar or vinegar to the tank and have large skimmer to remove the result bacterial increase thus remove these carbon and nitrogen, phosphorus the bacterial needed to growth.

In your tank, the nutrient level is high enough to cause bacterial growth to cloud the water. If you kill off the bacterial with UV, the nutrient will just build up and will result in increase algae or other microorganism that in not in the water column like cyanobacterial (red slime) or hair algae.

IMO, best to solve the problem rather than treat the symptom of cloudy water.

03/02/2016, 09:36 PM
I run a large UV on my tank and keep clams without abnormal problems. I would keep an eye on things though. Clearer water allows more light to reach your animals so look out for signs of light stress. Agree with Minh, though; UV should not be necessary to keep the water clear.