View Full Version : Royal Exclusive Vertex 200 pump problem

02/24/2016, 10:20 AM
I checked on my tank yesterday to find my skimmer off. Thinking I forgot to turn it back on after a feeding, I checked the power switch to find it was on. I toggled the switch off, and then back on again.

The skimmer pump started, ran for a few seconds, and then stopped. It cycled through this 4 or 5 times on it's own, and then would stop all together. I would turn the power switch off and back on again....with the same results.

I took the whole pump apart, cleaned it, and re-assembled it....twice. Right now my skimmer is dead. I believe the pump is a Red Dragon 1500. Is the pump shot?

02/24/2016, 10:22 AM
Sounds like the block died. The blocks are in stock in Ft. Myers. You can order one from the link below.