View Full Version : Lighting schedule and intensities

02/28/2016, 09:17 AM
Reef Breeder 32 V2 lighting schedule
So I got 2 new Reef Breeder 32 V2 lights, I was wondering if anyone else has bought any and has come up with a lighting schedule and intensities used. The pre programmed custom schedule is a little odd to me and want to get an idea of what I should change it too. I can do adjustments by every 15 minutes, 30 Minutes or every hour. Any help is appreciated!

03/01/2016, 08:54 PM
No help to be had from me, because this is my first led light, but I'm tagging along for this one, since I have the same fixture. All the nice reef tanks I see have a very nice blue/purple color to them and it makes the corrals look great. The presets on the custom 24 hour schedule are so dominated by the white lights.