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03/03/2016, 08:15 PM
what kind of tube is the stock tube that comes in the lm3's?

I'd love to order a bulk spool of tube, and i know there's a few diff kinds made for these applications.

I'm able to get similarly sized Pharmed Tygon or Norprene tube in very large lengths for almost nothing. IE 100 feet for $25 through my suppliers from work.

I assume these materials would work in your pumps as long as the ID and OD are similar to what comes in them off the shelf correct?

thank you for your time!

03/07/2016, 11:02 AM
We do special things to our tubing. The tubing you are referring to will have a hole worn through it pretty quickly. This will lead to water getting into the pump. On our tubing we have wear strips position with the rollers. These wear strips prevent the rollers from burning a hole in the tubing.