View Full Version : My nps tank (planning stage)

03/04/2016, 10:06 AM
Hi, this is my first post on reef central. I decided to join this forum as the nps section seems to be more active and knowledgeable than any other I've come across.
I've been planning to set up an NPC tank for a while now and wanted to run my ideas past people who have done this before. To start with I have an aquanano 40 aio tank, it's 50ltrs so quite small. My original idea was to run this as a triton tank with algae in the first section, an oversized skimmer in the second and dosing lanthanum into the skimmer. I have managed to keep various nps using the triton method in my main tank however the tank crashed when I moved it to get a new carpet fitted killing nearly all of my sps and lps, one of the survivors was a chilli coral. However I'm thinking the algae will not keep up with the nutrient export without waterchanges and that would defeat the purpose of dosing in the first place.
My current idea is to use an oversized skimmer possibly the bm e3 rated up to 300 litres and running pearls, dosing lanthanum into the skimmer when needed. I will run it without the pearls initially and start using them when the phosphate and nitrate levels get to high. I will be performing a 15 litre waterchange each week, approx 1 third.
My stocking plans initially will be for sun corals and dendro's as these are usually available in the UK, and move my chilli coral across. Once I'm happy the filtration can handle that I'll start picking up some gorgonians and any other NPC I find or can order into my lfs.
For lighting I have a par 20 marine bulb as I only plan to have the light on to view the corals as my house is full of natural light and I want to keep the algae at bay. I have a wp-10 for circulation and plan to position it so it so it spirals around a central pillar, if that makes sense? I am currently looking at different mixtures for feeding gorgonians and soft corals. My plan is to keep a mixture in the fridge for 1 week, and putting some into a syringe daily to be dosed automatically, as well as feeding frozen manually.
I don't really like the look of bare bottom tanks so I was thinking of using black sand however I understand that sand can trap food and detritus. Do any of you have a sand bed or have you stayed clear of this? For cuc I plan on adding a Brittlestar and nassarius snails if I add a sand bed. My fish stock will be a pair of yasha gobies and three redspot cardinal fish, which an lfs is keeping some successfully over a year now.
One of the locations I'm considering for this tank is my bedroom as it is one of the only areas of the house that doesn't get direct sunlight. What do you think of turning off the skimmer and powerhead from 10pm until 7am? Is that to long a period? My thoughts are to feed one of the automatic feedings at 10pm.
Im going to be working overseas for three months and setting this up when I get back. Does anyone have any observations or suggestions on my set up? Thanks.