View Full Version : corals shrivelled

03/07/2016, 02:22 PM

I have a 16g IM Nuvo.

2 clowns about 3-4 cm each. A shrimp and 6 snails. 2 small turbos and 4 small sand shifters.
I am running activated carbon and phosguard. I also have a MAME skimmer.

I am dosing (via dosing pump) Aquaforest components 1,2,3 (balling method) to keep Ca, Mg and KH stable at:

Ca: 400
Mg: 1300
KH: 7dKh
PH: ?
Temp: 25,5 C
Ammonia: 0
Nitrates: 2,5
Phosphates: 0,03

I feed ONLY as much food the clowns will eat every other day.
I also dose vodka. Im on the second week right now and thing look good. No bacteria bloom.

20% water change every week, using only RO/DI water and aqua forest probio salt.

Despite my efforts to maintain a stable and well within the common params that anyone can read in about ANY Reef website, my corals a Trachyphyllia, Eyphylia and 10 zoo polyps look disgusting!

Shrivelled up and miserable.

By the way my light is a 28W Giesemann Pulzar LED running at 50% strength.

I am desperate. What is wrong?

PS, I tried keeping a few SPS as well but both frag got RTN