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03/08/2016, 06:23 PM
my clam was not looking to happy, after some careful checking, found he has pyramid snails, removed clam cleaned off, have done this twice, he is attached to a small piece of flat rock, makes it easier to remove and replace,should i cut him loose from the rock in order to inspect and clean under him, or just watch and see f any more snails show up, have not seen any in the last two days, clam is doing much better .yes he was in qt, but not very long, maybe 1 week, did not see anything on him when he was purchased, must have been eggs on him, just missed them, any help would be grateful . thanks
only clam in tank.

03/08/2016, 08:54 PM
I would cut him loose and put him in a container with sand in it deep enough so he cannot attach to the container. I would check him every few nights until you hand not seen any for a few weeks. Then once a week for a while more.
Snails also have Pyramid parasites but IME snails parasites do not cross infect clams

03/09/2016, 07:03 AM
thanks, this is only clam i have, kicking myself for not paying more attention, had clams a few years ago, lost them along with my sps corals, some fish, due to heavy metal poisoning, problem been fixed , let the tank run for 8 months before restocking, will cut him loose ,