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03/09/2016, 12:16 AM
My Picasso clown have been laying clutches of eggs for around 4 months now on a very regular basis so I'm going to try my hand at raising them. I bought all the supplies from ANF in Okeechobee Fl.
1 gallon of live rotifers
1 bottle of rotifer food
1 bottle of nannochloropsis micro algae
1 bottle of phyto food for the nanno cultures
Here's a few pics of day 1 set up. I have ridged air tubing coming in tomorrow for the nanno cultures and have fed the rotifers for the first time tonight to attain the color that is shown in the pics. If it clears up in 24 hours I guess they are eating it. I'm looking foreward to this new endeavor. The instructions said to add a 1/4 more water each day. I've mixed the water to 1.019 sg which is what I plan on stocking the larvae in at the onset.
Any tips are more than welcome

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03/09/2016, 06:27 PM
I kept 2 separate cultures in 5gal buckets (for redundancy) with a rigid air line and a cover and nothing else. I ran them like this for at least 8 months before I had to shut down my project for a move. I had about 4 gal of water in the buckets and changed about 32oz of water every day and swapped out for a clean bucket once a week, fed twice a week. Never had any issues running them like this.