View Full Version : dual-stage regulator question

03/11/2016, 05:38 PM
On dual-stage regulators, one gauge indicates the pressure of gas within the cylinder, and one indicates the pressure of the outflow. As ambient air temperature/pressure varies with changing weather, the pressure of the gas within the tank will vary. How does this affect the pressure of the gas that is flowing out of the tank? If you set your valves so that your output reads a certain pressure, will this hold constant with changing atmospheric conditions, or does this need to be changed as atmospheric conditions change? If this needs to be changed as atmospheric conditions change, can this be automated? Thanks.

03/16/2016, 06:47 AM
The gauge that reads the pressure in the tank is not adjustable, it reads what the tank pressure is. Yes, it will fluctuate with ambient temperature. The gauge past the regulator is what you set, it will deliver the pressure you set it for regardless of the fluctuations in the tank. The only time the output pressure should decrease is when the tank pressure goes below what you set the output pressure to.