View Full Version : Are Porcelain Crabs Super Sensitive?

03/13/2016, 10:39 PM
So sad, all of our porcelain crabs (more than a dozen, favorite inverts in tank) have vanished and I think died after I dipped coral frags and put them in the tank last week. Saw the big brittle star eating what I thought was a molt of the largest one but now I think it was the whole crab. It has been a week so I know they are not hiding or molting and I need to get over it and make a new dip plan.

I used the common Bayer insecticide dip and had an elaborate rinse protocol. Trying to figure out if dip residue caused the die-off or Bayer in the air. Why only porcelain crabs? All of the other inverts that come on awesome TBS live rock seem just fine - brittle and serpent stars, snails, hermits, mithrax crab, urchins, sea cucumber, peppermint shrimp, jewel box clam, and also anemones. Are porcelain crabs hyper sensitive?

TBS live rock users, what do you use to dip corals? I really value my inverts and do not want a repeat.
Thanks, Maureen

03/15/2016, 04:02 PM
My porcelains haven't been sensitive to anything, but I don't use Bayer. I've got eight or ten of them of all sizes and they all even seem to have survived the deep freeze power outage I had Sunday. I dip with CoralRX and have never had any problems. If you rinsed the frags well are you sure you didn't have any dip (or anything else toxic) on your hands?

03/15/2016, 07:36 PM
Don't think so, but even so it is weird it was only the porcelains. Thanks for the response.