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03/14/2016, 09:36 PM
Turn a 110v socket on 1 hour - off 2hours - on 1 hour - off 2 hours- etc etc

I can use the timer to turn the light on for a set amount of time, i.e. on 4 hours - off 20 hours but i can't see how to get it to cycle. Can someone assist please?

Thanks in advance

Matthias Gross
04/09/2016, 07:06 AM

you can use a timer in the "cyclic-mode" for that.

Set the on- and off- time(s) and the days or day interval and you are done:

http://i1350.photobucket.com/albums/p769/Matthias69/TimerCyclic_zpsbmuilved.png (http://s1350.photobucket.com/user/Matthias69/media/TimerCyclic_zpsbmuilved.png.html)