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03/17/2016, 04:27 PM
Hello All!
I am setting up a new tank and am planning to put a peacock mantis in there. I was wondering what types of decor are safe for them.
I would love to do corals in here, I have a 38g reef tank too, but I really don't want to risk the lighting factor causing shell rot. I was planning on doing coral skeletons and a few pieces of the colored glass rock (as long as they are smooth). I am mainly worried about my shrimp cutting himself/herself on the decor. Would these items be ok? Is there something I should stay away from?
Thanks guys! I will post pictures along the way!

03/17/2016, 05:11 PM
You can grow coral in a Peacock tank, just keep the water quality really clean and you won't have to worry about shell rot.

I have an SPS tank with a Peacock and so far everything is ok. What is your experience with mantis shrimp? You might try starting out with lower light needs corals and see how your Peacock behaves.

I will tell you that in my tank, my Peacock (Neptune) did not like the super bright LEDs at first, but I turned them down to a level that he tolerates. I also grow Montis and Birdsnest mostly so they don't mind a little less light.

03/17/2016, 05:30 PM
This is actually going to be my first mantis shrimp. I've seen and heard of people doing the coral with them and they're totally fine so I'm thinking I might work up to that.
What is your opinion on uv sterilizers?

03/17/2016, 06:57 PM
UV sterilizers don't hurt anything but in my humble opinion they are more of a gimmick. A product that everyone likes to think makes a huge difference but in reality doesn't do all that much. Best methods for keeping the water clean are a good quality protein skimmer, porous and plentiful LR, macro-algae refugium, GAC, and water changes. UV sterilizers are normally used in the treatment of shell rot, but usually the diseased mantis is removed from the aquarium and placed in a smaller quarantine tank with no lights and a UV sterilizer.

On a regular size tank, most UV sterilizers are not going to be able to contribute much unless you get the really expensive ones that are specially designed (flow rate/water contact time w/ bulb) to kill bacteria. These models are sold by BRS and in my opinion are not worth the price. If you keep your water clean, you won't have issues that require a UV sterilizer to fix.

03/17/2016, 09:55 PM
I figured as much, that was definitely the last piece to get cause I haven't read anything with solid evidence that it will help avoid she'll rot. I do have everything else you mentioned