View Full Version : Alpha300 with one Red Dragon Broken.

03/23/2016, 09:53 AM
Im from brazil and my Alpha 300 have one broken Red Dragon pump.

As this pump is really rare to find and purchase, Id like to know if ther eis any other pump that would work in this skimmer.

Best regards.

03/23/2016, 01:59 PM
I think we messaged back and forth via the Bubble King User Group on Facebook. If so, I am glad we were able to get you squared away.

For reference, this is the correct motorblock for the Alpha 300. We have these in stock at our Ft. Myers warehouse.

As I mentioned, you should only need the motor block unless something is wrong with the impeller. I would check the magnet and make sure it isn't swollen and also make sure the magnet doesn't spin on the shaft. Lastly, I would inspect the bearing that goes in the base of the block. If when you pull the impeller, the bearing is stuck to the shaft, that is a problem. The bearing should never stick the shaft. It it does, the impeller will not spin and it can cause the motorblock to fail prematurely.

If the bearing has calcium buildup inside the little hole, that will cause the motor to stall. The bearing should be removed when you clean the pump every couple of months and the pump, impeller and bearing should all be soaked in vinegar to clean all the calcium off. Then scrub everything well and rinse it. It's important to clean the hole inside the bearing as the bearing needs to be very clean inside so there is no friction between the bearing and the bottom of the impeller shaft. I suggest using a tooth pick to make sure the inside of the bearing hole is clean. Once you have the bearing cleaned, you reinstall the bearing into the motor block before installing the impeller. If you don't clean the bearing properly, the motor will stop and it can kill the motor.

The bearing is discussed in chapter 3 pages 16, 17 & 18 of this manual. http://www.vertexaquaristik.com/Portals/0/products/proteinSkimmers/internalSkimmers/alphaSeries/skimmerManual.pdf