View Full Version : Hole on side of clam under mantle

Silly clownfish
03/23/2016, 02:17 PM
Ok this is not a great photo - i can't get the light balance corrct on my ipad camera, but there is a hole under the mantle on my new clam. I got my first clam on Friday and it is in QT under 2 VHOs. It reacts strongly to movement outside the tank, changes in light, etc. I have not seen any pyramid snails. There are no other critters in the tank (that I am aware of). The clam is the first thing to have gone in this cycled QT in months. I just keep LR in there to maintain the biofilter.

I am feeding bottled phyoplanton or reef chili every other day since there is no other bioload in the tank.

I don't think a clam is supposed to have a hole there, but it is not exactly a popular angle for photos.

I have sent a similar message to my LFS owner.

Please advise.