View Full Version : Frag tank and equipment

03/30/2016, 05:50 PM
Frag tank has never been used, its 48" x 24" x 13" Tall, Reef Ready, Black silicone black trim. Corner overflow. Has a center brace. Would be perfect for either a frag tank, or a Shallow Reef (was my plan). $275 for this

I have a Hang on the Back Aquarium filter for a saltwater or freshwater tank.. The brand is MArine magic. Has a built in protein skimmer and overflow box for skimming the top of the water.. Asking $75 Perfect for an aquarium where you are not able to have an actual sump under the tank, and Great for those who don't like to drill there aquariums.- PENDING

60 gallon fish tank, has the dimensions of 48 x 12 x 24"t all. Has some scratches- Wold make a perfect sump ASking $50

A UV sterilizer, unkown on the size, does need a new bulb- $20 for this.

Brand new Coralife luft pump-$40

07/09/2017, 10:46 AM
do you still have the 60 g tank?