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04/02/2016, 05:33 AM
I know we have all spoken at some point or another in regards to GHL customer service. I wanted to express my gratitude to GHL, mainly to Vinny at GHL USA office.
I sent them my two Mitras after severing the power cables when taking down my tank last week.

I was expecting a looonnnnng waiting service period.

Lights arrived at GHL friday am around 10.
Vinny had both my power cords replaced entirely, upgraded the 6100 to 6200 and changed the malfunctioning display in no time. Lights were shipped friday afternoon.
Again I know we all have had our discrepancies re customer service in the past.
But WOW what a way to take care of a customer.
Thank you Vinny and thank you GHL USA.

04/02/2016, 08:42 AM
Good to hear, I was hoping GHL USA would help improve service on this side the pond. Seems to be heading in the right direction.