View Full Version : Important information for dealers in USA/Canada

Matthias Gross
04/04/2016, 11:30 AM

since we had some very interesting (and concerning) calls and emails today and we learned that many dealers have the wrong impression about the current situation I better clarify some things about GHL USA and the distribution in USA and Canada.
It seems there are many misunderstandings or there is just a lot of wrong information out there.

1. Is Aqua Digital (AD) the (sole) distributor for North America?
No. Since July 2015 AD is a dealer.

2. AD and GHL stopped cooperation?
Right. Due to different opinions and views about business affairs AD and GHL came to this decision.

3. Where can dealers buy GHL products?
Directly from GHL USA. Contact us and order today.

4. We heard you have no stock and all products are shipped from Germany on demand?
Wrong, we have a warehouse in West Haven (CT) with lots of stock.

5. Was service mainly provided by AD, there is no more service/support in USA/Canada?
Wrong. We have a fully equipped support center in West Haven. Repairs, replacements are handled there. Customer support is also located there.

Please feel free to contact us, you'll find all contact information here: