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04/04/2016, 08:41 PM
As per other thread can you explain how to fix the follow. as per your reply below.

- level sensors (or better the level control which uses the level sensor) can be labelled
Here is my level sensors,
Level 1 - Off
Level 2 - Off
Level 3 - Off
Level 4 - Off
Level 5 - Off

how do i label them as you explained?

- you can set how and when an email should be sent (cyclic every x minutes, at a certaim time, when alarm comes or goes ...) - so it is already possible to limit the amount of emails

Still does not make sense, so when i get a alarm for say low water level then how to i limit the amount of emails?

Matthias Gross
04/05/2016, 12:42 AM
a) level descriptions
maybe you have a too old firmware stand, but it is possible to label all level CONTROLS (every control has level SENSORS assigned)


b) emails during alarm
I don't know how you set your alarm, a screenshot with the relevant settings would be helpful

if you want to limit the amount of emails for a certain incident I suggest to use a mode which sends an email only every x minutes or at a certain time