View Full Version : Vertex aplha 250 pump question

04/06/2016, 08:08 AM
I have a vertex alpha 250 with a red dragon pump on it .i would like to purchase a spare pump incase mine goes, its getting older now and makes me nervouse .does anyone know of them for sale anywere and if the new vertex 250 would be a direct swap for mine ,instead of a red dragon .,i know vertex makes there own pumps and no longer uses red dragons ...also how can i contact vertex to fi d this out .i sent a few emails but no one ever got back to me

04/06/2016, 10:29 AM
If all you need is a motorblock, we do have the replacement blocks in stock at our Ft. Myers facility.

This would be the correct block for that pump.

We also stock the impellers but those generally donít ever need replacing.

You could also upgrade that pump to the latest RD3 variable speed skimmer pump but that may prove to be an impractical upgrade. The reality is that the Red Dragon pump that is included with the Alpha's is one of the best AC based skimmer pumps in the industry. If the pump is maintained properly, those pumps will last several years or more. All they require is proper cleaning every few months. When I say proper, I mean completely disassembling the pump, removing the impeller and the bearing at the base of the magnet cavity, soaking everything is straight vinegar for a few hours then scrubbing rinsing and reassembling everything. Its critical that the bearing be cleaned along with the impeller as calcium build up on the bearing is the leading cause of premature failure of the motor blocks due to additional resistance that the buildup will place on the impeller shaft. If the bearing and impeller is kept clean, those pumps will last longer than you might expect. As a former Alpha user, I can speak from experience.