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04/12/2016, 08:26 PM
I was at the LFS and they had a little hitchhiker mantis and my poor impulse control kicked in, so I bought it. (good start, eh?) They said "it's a spearer" and based on it's mottled appearance my first thought that it was a P. Ciliata. It was small so I figured that it was a juvenile that had made a home in a piece of rock. Unusual but it made sense to me at the moment. Anywho, once I get it home and get a proper look at it I notice that it's definitely a smasher. It's just under 2" long. Meral spots appear to be white with red "corners" at the edges of the front and back that kind of make it look like an eye almost. I think that would make it G. Viridis. I bought a 2.5 gallon fluval complete tank for him (he is a male, I checked). I have a 100g setup I've been working so I transferred some sand, rocks and a few small snails over. 2.5 gallons is a little small, but I figure I can swap a cup of water out of the main tank every day or so and keep it stable pretty easy.

Here's an imgur album with my best pictures of him so far. (https://imgur.com/a/A5aiy) Every time I try to get a closeup of his Meral spots the camera refuses to focus, so I can't show them well.

04/12/2016, 09:55 PM
G. Viridis is my guess given the color of the meral spots. Many mantis shrimp can have a mottled appearance so the meral spot is the best way to tell.