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04/13/2016, 03:34 PM

When to start feeding newly hatched baby brine shrimp(nauplii instar I) to Clownfish larvae?
Amphiprion Melanopus: day
Amphiprion Frenatus: day
Amphiprion Ocellaris: day
Amphiprion Ocellaris Black Darwini: day
Amphiprion Percula: day
Amphiprion Perideraion: day
Amphiprion Clarkii: day
Premnas Biaculeatus: day

Salinity:start at 23 ppt and slowly raise to 33ppt after metamorphosis finish.
Temperature:start at 29C/84F and gradually fall to 27C/80F after metamorphosis finish.

If i am not going to use NHBBS,as i've read too many breeders experiencing what is called,Sudden Fright Syndrome.When is a good time to introduce Otohime A?

04/17/2016, 04:31 AM
When I was breeding ocellaris and percula I fed the brine shrimp nauplii from day one, and nothing else. After 5 to 6 days I started switching them over to small frozen copepods (because of Sudden Fright Syndrome if fed for longer brine shrimp).
It worked well for me and I usually got over 90% of a nest to sale size.

I had the pairs and the larva at a salinity of 1.018 kg/L

04/19/2016, 07:35 AM
I start them on rotifers, then add TDO A on day five. I go maybe four days with both rotifers and TDO A, and then wean off the rotifers like day 9 or 10. I skip the bbs. It's enough work taking care of the rotifers and clownfish fry.

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05/10/2016, 07:53 AM
Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate it.:bounce1::bounce1:

I'm making a clownfish larvae feeding schedule,without the use of NHBBS.
I will only use rotifers for the first two weeks.:thumbsup:

When is a good time to introduce Otohime A?
When Otohime B1 can be added to the diet?
When Otohime B2 is an option?
When Otohime C1 is adequate for feeding?