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04/13/2016, 10:25 PM
https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1676/25755391653_1cf73c8f10_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/FeV7CM)

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1454/25755379553_13a2bf073b_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/FeV43a)

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1496/26291895391_b54b0946f9_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/G4jQve)

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1495/26265747242_d8fde99e12_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/G21Pz5)

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1499/26291893811_3892248ae3_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/G4jQ2Z)

And a bonus mandarin shot!

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1637/26358128905_74d799b437_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/Gabiqn)

04/13/2016, 10:46 PM
My name is Eric!

Beautiful fish and beautiful pictures! Could u share your camera used, and editing software if pics were modified? A pro photog friend of mine in Canada just sent me some ebooks on camera use and editing which I'll be reading soon. Just curious what u used to take photos like that. Thanks

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04/13/2016, 11:34 PM
Haha, thanks, glad you like them. They were all taken with a Nikon d7000 and tamron 90mm macro lens, minor post-processing was done in lightroom.

Reef Bass
04/14/2016, 06:24 AM
Nice job. I suggest using the healing brush in LR to touch up / remove the marine snow.

04/20/2016, 10:32 AM
that mandarin looks awesome!

04/26/2016, 02:58 PM
Lovely shots. I can't wait to have my clown pair tank up and running with RBTA's.

05/03/2016, 08:35 AM
Great shots, I am in love with the mandarin.