View Full Version : help acclimate corals to V2

04/18/2016, 03:48 PM
so I just got my order of amazing TBS LR with some rock nems and a gorg.
what setting is the max % best to acclimate too.

I started out at 15% acrros the 6 channels and then bumped up to 30% after a few hrs on the blues and whites.
was thinking this would be a good starting point? what to yo all think?

04/26/2016, 09:30 AM
DEVA !!!! (This is Jason from SCA)
for my 150 - 60x24x24 - I have mainly LPS (acans, favites, gorgs, frogs, hairy mushrooms, blue mushrooms, some sort of other mushroom & duncans)

Anyways, for the first few weeks i just did the default settings. I did cloudy in the AM / PM and sunny during the day for 3 hours then after a few days bumped sunny to 4 hours then 3 more days then 5 hours. I left the moonlights on all night however i was having some trouble with tentacle extension on a favite so i turned off the moonlight for 2 hours per night.

I couldnt be happier and intend on starting to ramp up the light intensity a bit.

05/08/2016, 09:08 AM
Jason Hey bud!, thanks for the feedback I guess I am taking it really slow only coral I have is a gorg. and my TBS LR but only running about 25% max now for a few weeks.
going through my new tank blooms so I dont want to much light..

sorry I mist your post until now..